Multinational Seal Telecom for Audio and Video Project Engineering, Corporate Security and Unified Communication and Building Information.

Seal Telecom is an engineering company for integration projects and solutions for Unified Communications, Audio & Video and Security and Building Information. We stand out for our excellence in projects developed by our own and highly qualified teams. Since 1999, we have been serving the needs of our customers by providing quality voice, image and effective data sharing, enabling quality and secure communication internationally.

Our focus is on understanding the needs of each company, so that we can offer the right solutions for each business. Each situation requires a different resource and strategy, so it is necessary to look beyond the obvious to meet these demands.

The technologies in communication and security are constantly updated, for this reason Seal Telecom seeks in the market, novelties that optimize the work routine of customers, with quality technology capable of meeting demands and exceeding expectations.

For this, we have a qualified and prepared team to solve the most diverse problems, offering the necessary knowledge to solve any situation. We also focus on the quality of our after sales support and maintenance.

Ensure communication with quality and safety, internationally, using our solutions in:

Project Engineering

We define ourselves as a multinational of Project Engineering, as we develop customized projects according to the demands of customers. In addition, we have our own installation team, facilitating the process of implementing our solutions.  

Seal Telecom has the ability to integrate complex Audio and Video projects, Unified communications, Security, Building Information, among other solutions, in addition to the broad portfolio of effective and creative technologies. We have quality certified by ISO 9001: 2015 and through its own 11 subsidiaries; Seal Telecom serves all of Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and the USA. The commitment to quality is one of Seal Telecom’s differentials, which is always looking for the continuous improvement of its solutions to meet the expectations of our customers.

Audio and Video

Audio and Video is present in all sectors of a company, be it private or governmental, so it is necessary to have quality so that the work runs smoothly without disturbances due to malfunction. An example of this is a video conference meeting that is constantly interrupted by poor video and sound quality. Under these conditions, the information that would be passed on in the meeting is lost and the transmission of information is not done. A great reason why it is so important to invest in quality equipment, as this technology will directly affect the performance of a team and even the closing of a deal.

The solutions are specially developed to meet the needs of our customers in Acoustics (quality and ideal sound propagation), Operational Visualization (VideoWall for distribution and organization of information), Corporate Television (exclusive content distribution), Digital Signage (visual advertising and Smart Communication), Mass Communication (clarity of information for the crowd), Voice Alarm (guidance in case of emergency), Automation of Environments (perfect integration between resources), Multimedia Auditoriums (all means of communication in your favor) and can be used individually or integrated.

Corporate security

One of the main reasons for concern in companies today is security; the need to acquire equipment that prevents risky situations in companies is increasingly emerging. For this reason, Seal Telecom provides all the assistance necessary to assemble solutions according to the security needs of each client.

We have integrated solutions that guarantee the safety of the company’s employees and assets. With these solutions it is possible to do access control to restricted areas, monitoring via facial recognition, license plate recognition, among others.

Our search for technological improvement in the security area is an investment in the comfort and loyalty of our customers. Our main objective is to offer the ideal and well-implemented equipment aiming at a strategic security planning that is effective for each client.

Unified Communications

Unified communications is a trend in an increasingly strong market precisely for its practicality and versatility. It consists of a set of products that integrate several systems in real time, providing a unified interface for the end user. Unified communication includes video conferencing, audio conferencing, IP telephony, voice and data network, teleaudience, among other services. It is a system that facilitates communication, providing speed in decision making and audiovisual quality.

These resources made possible a great advance in the corporate environment that, more and more, implements technology in the work routine. Today it is much easier to connect with branches and customers, without the need to be physically all in the same environment.

In addition, through unified communication it is possible for the company to reduce communication costs, with IT infrastructure and a reduction in the displacement of employees, increasing productivity and improving the management of all communication devices with adequate security.

Building Information

In the midst of digital transformation, there is no denying that cities are becoming more and more intelligent, which in turn makes real estate developments, as well as their more technological architectures, transforming the concept of residences and commercial buildings, thus opening paths to innovation, for example, Building Information.

This type of solution provides engineering with the use of open technologies aimed at the security and building automation segment through IoT. In addition, Building Information ensures that customers have flexibility and quality that go beyond their implementations, but it also provides significant cost savings.

Trust and credibility

With Seal Telecom you have access to the most advanced technologies and end-to-end solutions. Our differential is in developing projects with our customers from start to after sales. In this way, we guarantee to meet the demands and provide a differentiated communication and / or security experience.

We always seek commitment and integrity in relationships with our customers, employees or partners, through transparency and application of moral and ethical principles, in addition to providing effective solutions that meet their expectations.

In addition, we are committed to updating new technologies and encourage the continuous development of our skills, with specialization to better meet the needs of each client. Contact us and learn more!

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