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Explore the wide range of products and solutions that Convergint offers.

Audio and Video

We currently live in a world that is increasingly globalized, and Audio & Video technologies allow us to create extremely intelligent environments and oriented to the customer's business, reducing operational and electrical costs, providing greater productivity in a qualitative way to their business and comfort to the users.

The solutions are specially developed to meet the needs of our clients and can be used individually or integrated.

- Acoustics: quality and ideal sound propagation

- Operational Visualization: VideoWall for distribution and organization of information

- Corporate Television: distribution of exclusive content

- Digital Signage: visual and intelligent advertising

- Mass Communication: clarity of information for multidão

- Voice alarm: orientation in case of emergency

- Environment Automation: perfect integration between the resources

- Multimídia rooms: all the means of communication in your favor

Automation of environments

Everything at a touch: State-of-the-art technology integrating environments and avoiding waste.

Sound system

We have a more pleasant environment, more agile communication and a more effective security system.

Multimedia environment

Potentiate the communication of your events, meetings and lectures and multiply performances!

Scenic lighting

Bet on the solution that enhances the shows!

Scenic dress

Accurately delimit the spaces of a stage!


Expand information relevant to your business in a large panel!

Digital signage

Efficiently reach your audience: bet on digital visual communication!


The best technology to disseminate information and ensure greater visibility for your business!

Unified Communications

Unified Communications or Unified Communications (UC) is a technological trend that consists of a set of products that integrate several systems in real time, providing a unified interface for the end user.

The solution allows the company to reduce costs with communication, with IT infrastructure and avoids the displacement of employees, increasing productivity and better management of all communication devices with adequate security.

Based on these concepts and benefits, Seal Telecom, through the Unified Communication Business Unit, offers its customers the most diverse voice, data and image communication solutions.

Video conference

Advance frontiers and improve your company’s communication!

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Reduce corporate travel, save resources and even speed up decision-making in your company!

IP Telephony

Make free calls between branches and other IP phones!

Voice & Data Network

Connectivity whenever and wherever you are!

WAN Optimizer

Increase the efficiency of your network using the current bandwidth!


Facilitate proceedings in hearings and trials!


In establishments, companies or industries, where thousands of people circulate daily, it is essential to have a quality security service.

The advanced technologies currently available contribute to the creation of effective and integrated solutions with all monitoring and security systems and sensors, applying alarm rules and actuation procedures, which will be translated as an investment in comfort and customer loyalty.

Operational Control Center

CCO offers the right environment to manage your business!

Video surveillance

Control and anticipate situations that could put your business at risk!

Access control

Filter the input and output flow of environments!

Analytical Video

Analyze objects and identify possible threats to your company!

Building Automation System

BMS, provides greater security and comfort to building users!

Perimeter Security

Know in detail everything that happens in an external area!

Fire Detection and Alarm System

SDAI, guarantees precious seconds in risky situations!

Incident and Dispatch Management

PSIM monitor and manage different systems across different departments or branches!

Seal Broadcast

Specialized in serving the Broadcast area and content producers, Seal Broadcast & Content is a systems integrator and provider of solutions for media and entertainment, helping its clients to achieve their goals in strategic businesses with greater quality and agility.

It serves specific segments in the digital media content production and distribution market.

Seal Broadcast applies a new approach to systems architecture, its consumers are changing, as they are increasingly demanding both in terms of content availability, as well as the way to access it (quality of experience).


– Solution Architecture
– Project development
– Technology strategy
– Manufacturer strategy
– cloud
– Transcoding
– Security
– Technical center
– Master Control
– Automation Control


– RFP development
– High performance infrastructure
– Hierarchical storage
– Centralized storage
– file systems
– Shared projects
– news production
– Automation control


– Asset Management
– Business Process Management
– Project management
– Master Control and Automation
– Workflow Analysis

Building Information

The new division of Seal Telecom offers engineering solutions using open technologies aimed at the building automation and security segment using the Internet of Things (IoT) concept.

With the solutions offered, it will be possible to guarantee customers flexibility and quality not only in the implementation of solutions, but also in the operation services.


Building automation

– Monitors
– IP video surveillance

Fire Detection and Alarm System

– IP video surveillance

Closed circuit television

– Wireless network
– Televisions
– Video wall
– IP video surveillance
– Digital Signage

Access control

– Wireless network
– IP video surveillance

Intelligent Preventive and Predictive Maintenance

– Wireless network
– IP video surveillance

Operating Systems

– Wireless network
– Televisions
– Video wall
– IP video surveillance

Our analysts, consultants and engineers have extensive experience in the installation of projects at any level of complexity, allowing them to accompany and execute it, detailing the processes, providing guidance on use, functionality, best practices and suggestions for future installations.

Support and Maintenance


Repair or exchange of solutions when necessary, in a timely manner*.
*The costs of labor, freight and equipment exchange will depend on the type of service chosen.


Access to Seal Telecom analysts and engineers who have the expertise to help your company obtain the maximum return from each solution.


Software updates at no additional cost, with guidance on improvements and procedures for activating them.

Professional Services

Remote Installation

Telephone or email assistance during installation and configuration of products, services, and updates.

On-Site Installation

Monitoring and execution of installations, configurations and updates of products and services.


Guidance on usage, functionality, and best practices. Divided between training users, administrators and support.

Assisted operation

Monitoring the use of solutions, user guidance, diagnostics, sizing and suggestions for future expansion.

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