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Seal Telecom - Convergint

Seal Telecom is a multinational solutions integrator founded in 1999, the company offers innovative solutions in Audio and Video, Unified Communications, Smart Buildings, Broadcast, Fire and Security tailored to the needs of each client. Most recently, the company received ISO 9001:2015 recertification in recognition of consistent compliance with its Quality Management Systems.

All the projects developed are carried out by our own highly qualified teams, anticipating problems and solutions, reducing execution time and ensuring the final quality of the projects.

In 2021, Seal Telecom becomes part of the Convergint group, one of the largest integrators of security solutions in the world and, from now on, we can also support our customers in practically all continents (Americas, Asia, Europe and Oceania).

Our values I Values and Beliefs

I am Convergint.

I own my place in the team

We hope to be the best service provider for our customers.

It doesn't matter what business we're in

I am responsible for my continuous development.

A better me is a better convergence

We deliver results.

Final point

I have integrity.

It's what I do when no one's looking

We believe in balanced lives.

Family, company, community

I keep all care.

Communicate, communicate, communicate

We embrace a safe, inclusive and positive work environment.

Every employee makes a difference

I make responsible decisions.

Punctual, polite and profitable

We believe in fun and laughter every day.

Committed to fun since 2001

In more than 20 years of existence, we have developed projects in various market segments.

We have experience delivering projects from start to finish.


Completed projects


Customers served



By hiring Seal Telecom, your company has a single person responsible for the project, through Unified Management, eliminating the need to manage multiple providers.

Unified management

– Unique and assertive strategy

– Defined and specific responsibilities

– Defined and reduced costs

– Deliveries made on time

Shared management

– Various often conflicting strategies

– Gray areas of responsibility

– Extra costs and contractual additives

– Deadlines may change


The commitment to quality is one of Seal Telecom's differentials, which always seeks the continuous improvement of its solutions to meet the expectations of our customers.

Our Quality Management System is periodically audited by an independent body.


Our quality policy

Seal Telecom - Convergint, which operates in the management of solutions and marketing of products and services for audio and video, data communication and environmental security, has implemented and maintains its Quality Management System focused on:

• Provide effective solutions that meet the expectations and needs of its customers;

• Continuously improve the effectiveness of your processes.

Technical scope of certification

Design of solutions, commercialization and leasing of products and provision of services for audio and video, data communication and environmental safety by the São Paulo/SP and Paranaíba/MS units.

Information Security Policy

Seal Telecom - Convergint, which works with the development of software for the management of image, audio and data, as well as solutions and commercialization of products and services for audio and video, data communication and environmental security, with due consultation and participation of its collaborators, aims to ensure through its Information Security Management System that:

• The confidentiality of Seal Telecom and interested parties' information is maintained in an ethical, confidential and legal manner, avoiding misuse and improper exposure;

• The integrity of the information is protected against unauthorized modification and is used transparently and only for the purpose for which it was determined;

• The information is available to users, when necessary, as long as it is duly authorized;

• Legal, statutory, contractual and regulatory requirements are identified, documented, updated and fulfilled;

• Information Security is an integral part of Seal Telecom's culture, which is responsible for promoting information security awareness actions;

• Continuous improvement is a constant pursuit at Seal Telecom - Convergint.