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Unified Communication

Unified Communications (UC) is a technological trend that consists of a set of products that integrate various systems in real time, providing a unified interface for the end user.

The solution provides the company with reduced communication costs, with IT infrastructure and avoids the displacement of employees, increasing productivity and better management of all communication devices with adequate security.

Based on these concepts and benefits, Seal Telecom, through the Unified Communications Business Unit, offers its clients the most diverse voice, data and image communication solutions.


Advance borders and improve your company’s communication.

Audio conferences

Reduce corporate travel, save resources and speed up decision making in your company.

IP telephony

Make free calls between branches and other IP phones.

Voice and data network

Anytime, anywhere connectivity.

WAN Optimizer

Increase the efficiency of your network by using the current bandwidth.


Facilitate procedures in hearings and trials.

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