Seal Telecom assists its customers at all stages: from the development of the business model and the user experience concept to the training, support services and open code consulting.

This way, Seal Telecom ensures that its customers can not only launch solutions that are implemented quickly, but also that these solutions continue to be successful over a long period.

Our other analysts, consultants and engineers have a wide experience in the installation of projects at any level of complexity, which allows us to monitor and execute them, providing guidance on use, functionality, best practices and suggestions for future installations.

Support and maintenance


Repair or exchange solutions when needed, in a timely manner *.
* The costs of labor, freight and equipment change will depend on the chosen service modality.


Access to Seal Telecom engineers and analysts who are experienced in helping your business get the most out of each solution.


Software upgrades at no additional cost, with guidance on upgrades and procedures to activate them.

SLA Silver
(business hours)
(business hours)
(hours – 24×7)
Without contract
SLA Severity 1 2 2 1 Best effort
Severity 2 4 2 2 Best effort
Severity 3 8 4 2 Best effort
SLA Remote resolution *
*as long as the equipment allows remote intervention / solution
Severity 1 36 12 4 Best effort
Severity 2 72 48 16 Best effort
Severity 3 96 72 24 Best effort
Maintenance coverage Pieces of Yes Yes Yes No
Workforce Yes Yes Yes No
Shipping Yes Yes Yes No
Maintenance on site No No
SLA maintenance No Yes Yes No
SLA team reservation SP and RJ states No 48 16 No
North Region No 96 96 No
Other states No 72 36 No
Software Upgrades Yes Yes Yes No
Upgrades No No Yes No
Service report Yes Yes Yes No

Severity 1 – Urgent. Equipment out of operation (prevents the progress of activities)
Severity 2 – It does not impede the progress of activities.
Severity 3 – Functional tests and general inquiries about the use of equipment
* Availability depends on the type of services contracted
Term: The service can be purchased for a maximum of 3 years.

Professional services

Remote Installation of

Support by phone or email during the installation and configuration of products, services and updates.

Site Installation

Monitoring and execution of installations, configurations and updates of products and services.


Guidance on usage, features, and best practices. Divided between user training, administrators and support.

Assisted Operation

Monitoring of the use of solutions, orientation to users, diagnostics, sizing and suggestions for future expansion.

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