The court of justice of Rio Grande do Sul has always been committed to guaranteeing the security of its facilities, as well as of the magistrates, civil servants and all the people who circulate through its buildings. Therefore, in 2018, Seal Telecom was contracted through public bidding to expand the security project of the Court of Justice, called the 2nd phase of the CCTV IP project, which included the installation, configuration and customization of a video monitoring system.

The project was developed to allow the monitoring of 54 sites (47 CourtHouse buildings in the countryside of the State of RS and 07 buildings in the capital (Porto Alegre), and works on a 24 x 7 scale, that is, 24 hours a day, 7 days a Seal Telecom installed 1,859 IP cameras, 63 servers, 179 switches and more than 2,000 network points, including the entire infrastructure execution.




Court of Justice of Rio Grande do Sul



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