In its 70 years of existence, Sesc creates opportunities for people to develop their full potential through access to culture, education, health, sports and leisure, with more than 34,000 m² and about 4 thousand users per day, the Guarulhos unit it is considered the most complete space for leisure and culture in the region.

Sesc is considered one of the largest centers for promoting sports, culture and education in Brazil. It is an institution totally committed to transforming the community around it.

Seal Telecom has implemented more than 300 audio, video and multimedia solutions in the 26 environments of Sesc Guarulhos. Highlighting the social square, gym, swimming pools, environmental education center and theater.

Most audio and video systems, such as racks and monitors, are portable, meaning they can be easily transported from one environment to another. This reduced costs for Sesc without reducing the quality of the user experience!

In addition to installation, configuration and support, Seal was also responsible for training technicians, so that they could have greater independence in the operation of all systems.


Audio & Video and Multimedia


SESC Guarulhos



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