Today, one of the greatest challenges for professionals is to optimize their day-to-day activities and obtain more efficiency and productivity. Anything that can be done to save time and resources is always welcome.

It is in this way that building automation systems are very important and of great help. The so-called smart buildings are becoming more and more common in terms of helping your daily life to be simpler and more efficient. Currently, the market needs companies and condominiums to update their structure in order not to be left behind in relation to competitors. It is generally called a “smart” building when it is equipped with a set of resources to improve functionality, comfort, maintenance, flexibility of use, security and energy.

For the next few years, the trend is for buildings to be increasingly adapted to the new reality, using the best technologies to make the service more quality and efficient.


When talking about building automation, it is necessary to understand the many possibilities of the system. With the advancement of technology, the standardization proposals for corporate buildings have increased considerably. As a result, projects that were intended only for telephony or power systems, now include new requirements for working with voice, data and images. Elevators and turnstiles, for example, have gained new digital means for recognizing an individual, facilitating access and, consequently, security work.

The business world as a whole has benefited from the advancement of automation. Audio and video systems, lighting, air conditioning, among others, for commercial buildings and offices, are novelties that please users. All are interconnected and controlled by integrated software that can be controlled by portable devices. The homes, as a complement to the offices, started to request a greater demand for services with higher levels of comfort, new communication systems and space for entertainment. This new automation market represented by small offices and home users became known as the “SOHO Market” (Small Office & Home Office), becoming a fact in the architecture, furniture and communications of the new services.


In a building automation system, the service functions as a digital doorman. All information is controlled by an application, which can be accessed via tablet, computer or smartphone. With this system, it is possible to send a notification to any type of device connected to the internet. One can find out, for example, who are the people who enter and leave the building. A cloud collects all this information, also simplifying the process of storing and searching for information.

For example, an air conditioner has an ideal regulated temperature and can be adjusted to the ambient temperature outside, as well as vary according to the number of people present at the location. Lighting and sound also benefit from this system.

To generate savings and safety, electronic, hydraulic and mechanical equipment start to work together, integrated by a single system, facilitating the work of the responsible people and avoiding possible errors.


Saving resources and energy are key words for success. An example to understand how the building benefits from this system is the application of electricity. The lights and appliances in a particular environment can be turned off automatically when people are detected. This recognition is done by the control panel, leaving this action independent of a person’s work.

All of these services are a trend in the modern world. There are still many advantages presented that can present improvements in the security and service of a building.

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In Automation solutions, the customer’s legacy is totally intertwined with technology. The service is done with an open platform, connected to a cloud that centralizes the entire system. Seal also provides preventive maintenance services, which can solve problems quickly and efficiently.

It is very important to choose a partner that offers state-of-the-art systems and is able to meet all your needs.

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