In establishments, companies or industries, where thousands of people travel daily, it is essential to have a quality security service.

The advanced technologies currently available contribute to the creation of effective and integrated solutions with all surveillance and security systems and sensors, applying alarm rules and operating procedures, which will translate into an investment in comfort and customer loyalty.

Operations Control Center

CCO offers the right environment to run your business.

Video monitoring

Control and anticipate situations that can put your business at risk!

Access control

Filter the flow in and out of environments!

Video Analysis

Analyze objects and identify possible threats to your company!

Building Automation System

BMS, provides greater security and comfort to the users of the buildings.

Perimeter Security

Know in detail everything that happens in an outdoor area!

The fire detection and alarm system

SDAI guarantees precious seconds in risky situations.

Incident and dispatch management

PSIM monitors and manages different systems between different departments or branches.

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