Check out how Seal Telecom used IoT in the energy efficiency of International Shopping

The use of the Internet of Things is gaining more and more strength and with that, the speed for the transformation wave is increased and the countless technological actions that intertwine the physical and digital worlds. According to a Gartner survey, until 2023, IoT will be a very important part of the business innovation process.

Thus, with the evolution of digital maturity, new value perspectives are emerging and opening spaces for increasingly intelligent applications, as is the case with IoT in the energy sector. 

Linked to this and the need to modernize the International Shopping, located in Guarulhos, Seal Telecom, through smart connections, developed and implemented a system for measuring radio frequency consumption in the enterprise that has 390 stores, 40% of which will have the IoT measurement system by the end of this year. The expectation is that the benefit will extend to all operations until the end of 2020.

 The implemented IoT energy measurement technology will allow the establishment to monitor consumption practically in real time, considering that, every 15 minutes; a consumer signal is sent to an antenna and distributed to a cloud platform that is easily accessible to the customer.

During the implementation process, the possibility was raised to adapt the meters to new models, but with the same “wired” technology. However, in the cost-benefit ratio, it was found to be more advantageous to invest in a system that would allow energy measurement in IoT. “The traditional model of wired electricity meters has long ceased to be the best option. The new system comes to modernize the measurement of tenants, making a model more technological and beneficial to all”, says Victor Clemente dos Santos, from International Shopping.

It is undeniable that technology will always be an important element in the innovation process and taking advantage of the triggering of solutions to guarantee a totally new technological scenario is a strategic and assertive step to guarantee success with the transformations. 

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