How facial recognition works in video surveillance cameras

Among the technologies that are being increasingly adopted by organizations is facial recognition. This is because for some time now, conceptions that the resource would be for exclusive use in police investigations or “Hollywood thing”, for example, are changing.

Today the solution is used for purposes such as access control, security, identification of people at events, detection of possible threats, combating fraud, among others.

However, because it is an emerging technological solution, it is common for there to be doubts about its operation and which companies are qualified to implement it. Is this your case? So follow this post, find out what facial biometrics is about and what are its advantages.

Functioning of facial recognition

The system, also called facial biometrics, which consists of verifying or identifying individuals from a digital image, works in different stages. They are:

  • Face detection, in which the software equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) identifies the part of the video or image that represents the face;
  • Pre-processing, which consists of standardizing resolution, zoom and brightness levels, also called resource normalization; and
  • Resource extraction, a step that identifies the most relevant data and performs the coding.

From then on, facial biometrics is completed and people can be identified with the most diverse objectives. This can be done either in real time or by recording the images.

Advantages of Facial Recognition

An important factor to be mentioned about facial recognition is that it is a resource accessible to all sizes of companies. This is because it does not require high investments in equipment or systems, since several cameras already have this feature embedded. Here are some benefits of the solution:


Through facial recognition, companies do not need to have employees for tasks such as access control. This is because the technology automates the inputs and outputs and guarantees high performance as it is not subject to human error.

Fighting fraud

The creation of mechanisms for the control and protection of data is increasingly necessary in companies. Through facial biometrics it is possible to fight fraud and preserve confidential information. The reason is that this technology guarantees the veracity of the user who tries to access systems and applications.


Video surveillance is one of the security systems most adopted by companies. However, one of the biggest problems with the tool is the false alarm. To the same extent, this does not occur when there is an embedded facial recognition.

The solution identifies suspects through behavior and physical descriptions, being able to detect movements of people and vehicles. Thus, it ignores irrelevant features in all scenes, helping operators to refine their procedures and increase the accuracy and quality of all alarms.

It is also possible to identify events that can often go unnoticed, as in the case of events where crowds are present. Through facial recognition and video monitoring, there is an analysis of the normal activities of an environment and the signaling of any unusual changes that are detected.

An innovative solution, which uses artificial intelligence (AI) for facial recognition, is the search for appearance, a technology already used by Seal Telecom. The goal is to offer a more agile and intelligent way to manage the monitoring of environments, contributing to more agile and assertive investigations.

This occurs through an advanced video search engine using AI, in which it is possible to identify suspects through physical behaviors and descriptions such as skin color, clothing style, gender, height, among other characteristics.

Facial recognition is a great ally for companies’ safety. In addition to strengthening protection, the resource also provides cost savings and is accessible to different types of budgets. To learn more about Seal Telecom’s security solutions, contact one of our experts.


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