Digital Signage: conquiste a atenção do seu público com essa solução de sinalização digital

Digital Signage: Get your audience’s attention with this digital signage solution

Visual communication is one of the most important requirements for the success of any business. After all, it is responsible for getting the message across about the purposes, objectives, products and services offered by a brand. And, in a scenario where digital is part of people’s daily lives, an ideal solution is Digital Signage or as it is also known, Digital Signage.


In general, Digital Signage is the use of one or more screens that connect to each other and are managed remotely by a central. Its objective is to transmit messages and videos with different purposes, in an optimized and attractive way.


The resource allows, among other strategies, to segment the public, provide interactivity and offer memorable experiences to consumers.


Places where Digital Signage can be used

Digital Signage is very versatile and can be included in the most diverse types of environments. To make it clearer for you, check out some of them:


Public places, such as streets, avenues, parks and subway stations;

Trades from the most varied sectors;

Bars and restaurants;

Waiting places, such as medical assistance rooms, banks, bus stations and airports;

Store windows;

Hotel reception;

Corporate TV in companies.


Benefits of investing in Digital Signage

The reach of the Digital Signage market, in addition to being promising, is advantageous, since this type of communication makes it possible to manage and monitor the contents instantly, thus being one of the most flexible media in the market.


According to a study by Markets & Markets, Digital Signage technology was valued at approximately $ 16.9 billion in 2015, and is expected to grow 6, 7% by 2022.


In addition, in Brazil, a survey by Ipsos, a reference in research in the globalized world, pointed out that 67% of the population of the city of Sao Paulo, said they had been impacted by this type of media. This is justified by the interaction provided between the brightness and animation of the content that static ads do not offer.



This type of Digital Signage is able to engage the audience in a unique and interactive way. As much as, many times, these may be busy with some action; they will hardly have their attention turned to a digital screen that contains an attractive communication.


Increase in sales in stores

Digital visual communication meets the new consumer profile, which is increasingly used in the virtual environment. Therefore, even at physical points of sale, this can be impacted by screens that bring product differentials, promotions and other information that contribute to the purchase decision. Consequently, there can be a considerable increase in sales.


Resource savings

While Digital Signage is efficient, it saves time and resources, as the communication can be easily edited.


For example, if a given campaign is no longer part of the company’s strategies or is not bringing the expected results, professionals can easily change it.


This is the opposite of what happens in other media actions, which do not allow editing and can still cause noise and environmental pollution.


If you want to know more about other benefits and how to implement Digital Signage technology in your company’s marketing and communication, Seal Telecom is ready to serve you and develop the best solutions.

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