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Technology in general has a great impact on the routine of companies. Through it, it is possible to optimize daily activities, save time and generate more productivity. More and more companies are looking for solutions that make everyday life easier and deliver better results, being a way to save time and money, while the quality of service increases.

Audiovisual technology is an investment that provides a significant return to the company, since it makes all the difference in meetings and in general communication, right at the beginning of its use. Audio and video are present in the most important aspects of a company, from the reception to the board. It is in the security camera system, in the hallway monitors, in the meeting rooms and in all the communication means used by the team. It is even possible to improve the relationship with customers, through meetings, in a more modern and sophisticated environment. That is why it is crucial to invest in quality audiovisual technology.

Advantages of audiovisual technology
The emergence of new solutions in technology happens daily. In order to adapt to this advance, it is necessary to keep constantly updated. The investment in these resources is part of the strategy that companies adopt, since these solutions will directly affect a company’s business and production quality. An example of this would be to imagine a reality in which the meeting room is already ready and equipped with predefined audio and video instructions, all available at a touch distance. This scenario is a possibility for those who invest in this type of technology.

Currently, it is even possible to adjust lighting, blinds, air conditioning, projectors, lift screens and audio and video equipment, all in a single system. Another advantage of having a modern and functional environment is the image passed on by the company to its customers. In addition to having the possibility of transmitting information in a clear and objective way, having modern and adequate equipment is serious and credible.

In this article we will talk more about the various technologies available to optimize your company’s communication.

Automation of Environments
Time is one of the most precious resources in the business world, so it is necessary to invest in technology that saves time. Thus, Room Automation is perfect for organizing meetings with an advance schedule, capable of providing a prepared and ready-to-use environment.

With this feature it is possible to unify, for example, the meeting room operations such as audio, video, blinds and other technologies that are necessary for that moment. Another advantage is the management and control of the use of the room, which makes it possible to schedule dates and times for use, avoiding conflicts. This solution will make any meeting more productive and the transmission of information effective.

Digital Signage
It is a network of centrally managed monitors, programmed to display information of all types such as: institutional, entertainment, among others. It is widely used in waiting rooms or corporate environments for internal communication, since all content can be personalized in real time through the Digital Signage solution, and thus reach your audience more effectively.

In addition to leaving the modern environment, it makes the propagation of information much more efficient. It is a system also used in train stations and airports, to be seen by people who transit through these places. Digital Signage is a dynamic and flexible solution that can be used in different ways, in addition to modernizing and adding sophistication to environments.

Multimedia Environment
The audiovisual of an environment makes all the difference in lectures, meetings and events. Technology can be the difference between a successful event and an event interrupted several times, due to equipment failures. The Multimedia Environment is the best solution to ensure that important meetings, lectures, training and any other event have an efficient data transmission. With this solution it is possible to provide a superior and richer experience to the participants.

Having an environment that meets your needs, without unexpected failures and with quality audio and video is a worthwhile investment.

A sophisticated, modern and functional environment has the latest technology, one of which is Videowall, a wall of monitors that can be used to transmit a single image or several separate information. It is commonly used in monitoring and operational control centers, but has several applications in the most varied segments.

This feature increases the productivity of professionals in their general communication or can even be used to communicate with the consumer about the

offers and new products. Videowall is very versatile and can be controlled by a single system, which makes it more practical when using it. It can also be used as a tool added to videoconferencing equipment, transmitting images with higher audiovisual quality.

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