According to a study by Markets and Markets, the Digital Signage market, or Digital Signage, is expected to grow from US $ 20.8 billion in 2019 to US $ 29.6 billion by 2024. This is justified by the impact that the solution has on corporate communication and, consequently, in the financial return.

It is not difficult to find digital signage on a daily basis. Quite the opposite. It is present on panels scattered around the cities, on buses, restaurants, shop windows, corporate TVs and many other places.

For those who have doubts about the operation of the tool, it is the use of one or more screens that connect to each other and are managed remotely by a central. The objective is to transmit videos and messages with the most diverse purposes, in an attractive and optimized way.

Check out 5 data that prove the efficiency of digital signage

Using Digital Signage as a business communication strategy has a number of advantages. To start, the resource is very flexible, since the contents can be managed and monitored instantly. See now 5 data that demonstrate other benefits of the solution:

  1. Impact on users

A study by Ipsos, a reference in research in the globalized world, showed that 67% of the population of the city of Sao Paulo claims to have already been impacted by Digital Signage. Among the reasons for this is the interaction provided by the animation and brightness of the content, which static ads do not offer.

  1. Fixing the message

For a communication campaign to be really effective, it must be fixed in the public’s mind. This is possible through Digital Signage. An example is the survey by the American association, OAAA (Outdoor Advertising Association of America), which pointed out that 55% of people remember exactly the message seen on the screens.

  1. Optimizing the shopping experience

Currently, offering a good shopping experience to consumers has become a matter of survival for companies. Statistics prove that, with the use of Digital Signage, there is an increase of 31.8% in the global volume of sales thanks to the positive perceptions provided by this type of communication.

  1. Consumer engagement

Research from Info Trends shows that consumers get to spend 30% more time interacting with stores and establishments that bet on the strategy. That is, the locations become more attractive, which increases the chances of purchase and loyalty.

  1. Reduction of perceived waiting time

Agility is one of the most talked about terms among organizations worldwide. After all, this is what the new consumer expects. By implementing Digital Signage, businesses can reduce the perceived waiting time for checkout by up to 35%. This is because, through interactive content, customers have the optimized experience throughout their shopping journey.

To the same extent that Digital Signage is efficient, it still provides savings, both related to time and finances. The reason is that it is a communication that can be easily edited.

Unlike printing brochures or advertisements on billboards, for example, it is possible to make changes quickly and without the need for large investments.

Seal Telecom, a Brazilian multinational project engineering company, offers Horus DS an efficient and innovative Digital Signage solution for companies, composed of specific monitors that can be arranged in strategic environments with personalized messages.

Through the system, companies can disseminate news, promotions and advertisements, in addition to implementing internal TV. All content can be personalized in real time, reaching the audience more effectively. To learn more about this feature, contact one of our experts.

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