Many universities and even companies have auditoriums with high square footage that end up being used less often than they could. This is because the meetings or presentations will not always receive the total number of people to occupy the place and, with this, the event ends up being transferred to a smaller room, with a reduced number of participants.

But why not adapt the environment that already exists to hold shows, for example? This can be a way to reduce costs and optimize the existing structure. If you liked the idea, see four precautions you need to take when transforming the auditorium into a high-quality theater room.

#1 – Sound

Good music, readable audio and an adequate sound system are essential for the success of a show. After all, it is through them that the sensations of the plays and musicals are passed with greater intensity.

In addition, the ambient sound solution improves the communication of the place and also provides more security to the public when used as an evacuation system in emergency situations.

# 2 – Digital Signage

Quality information and service never hurts. It is very important that useful information such as prices, times and dates of the shows are clearly visible at the box office. Digital Signage is a perfect tool for this need.  

Cultural content can also be displayed on the LCD screens to entertain the public while waiting for the show to start and advertisements, acting as a new means of fundraising.  

# 3 – Stage Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important elements for enhancing a show. It gives a special touch to the scenes and at times is the key piece for the scene. Thus, specific and sophisticated lighting for these environments is essential.

 # 4 – Stage Wear

It is known that a great team works behind the curtains so that the scenes are transmitted to the public in the most real way possible. However, scenic clothing is also very important in this regard. She is responsible for hiding any type of mechanism or movement that takes place outside the representation area and delimiting the depth of the scenic space on the stage.

Did you like the idea of ​​adapting your current structure in a theater room? We are on hand to assist you in defining the best project.

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